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Id 93
Identification Type Algae
Name Cyanobacteria
Distinguishing Features Blue-green
Description When preserved, cyanobacterial remains have a characteristic blue-green pigment. Filaments may or may not be visible. Occur in zones of rapid deposition and anoxia, sometimes associated with diagenetic minerals also formed in reducing environments. Likeliest to be found in very recent sediments, as oxidation of pigments occurs rapidly.
Tags Filamentous
External Resources
Unique Identification: Cyanobacteria
Site name: Tanners
Light type: Plane-Polarized Light
Magnification: 400x
Submitted by: Amy Myrbo
Notes: Blue green algae
Image Tags: none
Unique Identification: Cyanobacteria
Taxon: cf. Microcystis sp.
Site name: Anka Lake
Light type: not specified
Magnification: 400.0
Submitted by: Hedy Kling
Notes: Cyanobacteria cf Microcystis cells
Image Tags: colonial cells green clumped fillament