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Id Identification Type Name Description Distinguishing Features Tags
61 Lithofacies Tephra Tephra, or volcanic ash, is a mixture of volcanic glass and crystalline grains derived from the same volcanic source. A tephra unit in a core may be predominantly crystalline and coarse-grained at the base, grading upwards to finer, more glassy grains. See volcanic glass for a detailed description and identification; crystalline components can be identified based on their optical mineralogical characteristics. isotropic volcanic-glass
114 Lithofacies Diatomaceous carbonate mud Describes a lithofacies composed of >50% authigenic carbonate minerals, with diatom frustules as the second-most abundant component.
115 Lithofacies Calcareous silt Lithofacies comprising >50% detrital mineral material in the silt size range (4-63 microns), with calcium carbonate the most abundant secondary component.
116 Lithofacies Organic-rich carbonate mud with pyrite Refers to a lithofacies comprising >50% chemically precipitated carbonate minerals, abundant secondary organic matter, and prominent accessory pyrite.
163 Lithofacies Organic-rich Diatom Ooze Dominantly composed of diatoms and algal organic matter. circular
164 Lithofacies Peat
165 Lithofacies Turbidite sequence
168 Lithofacies Laminated sulfidic silt Describes a lithofacies comprising finely structured clastic sediment with prominent accessory sulfide minerals, especially fine reactive monosulfide (mackinawite).
169 Lithofacies Diatom ooze Lithofacies comprising >50% diatom frustules, with secondary contributions of detrital and/or chemically precipitated material.
170 Lithofacies Clay turbidite cap Describes the finest, suspended component of a subaqueous density-flow deposit, settled out of the water column at the end of a transport event.
171 Lithofacies Turbidite
172 Lithofacies Tephra - Glacier Peak G
173 Lithofacies Tephra - Mt. St. Helens J
174 Lithofacies Glacial varves
175 Lithofacies Banded carbonate mud
176 Lithofacies Tephra- Mazama
177 Lithofacies Tephra - Mount Saint Helens
179 Lithofacies Tephra - mafic