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Id Identification Type Name Description Distinguishing Features Tags
61 Lithofacies Tephra Tephra, or volcanic ash, is a mixture of volcanic glass and crystalline grains derived from the same volcanic source. A tephra unit in a core may be predominantly crystalline and coarse-grained at the base, grading upwards to finer, more glassy grains. See volcanic glass for a detailed description and identification; crystalline components can be identified based on their optical mineralogical characteristics. isotropic volcanic-glass
114 Lithofacies Diatomaceous carbonate mud
115 Lithofacies Calcareous silt
116 Lithofacies Organic-rich carbonate mud with pyrite
163 Lithofacies Organic-rich Diatom Ooze Dominantly composed of diatoms and algal organic matter. circular
164 Lithofacies Peat
165 Lithofacies Turbidite sequence
168 Lithofacies Laminated sulfidic silt
169 Lithofacies Diatom ooze
170 Lithofacies Clay turbidite cap
171 Lithofacies Turbidite
172 Lithofacies Tephra - Glacier Peak G
173 Lithofacies Tephra - Mt. St. Helens J
174 Lithofacies Glacial varves
175 Lithofacies Banded carbonate mud
176 Lithofacies Tephra- Mazama
177 Lithofacies Tephra - Mount Saint Helens
179 Lithofacies Tephra - mafic